QBEE (play therapy device)

Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Philippine General Hospital

Majority of the children’s families who have developmental disability here in the Philippines belong to the urban poor sector. These families who earn below minimum wage would rather spend their money on food rather than health maintenance. Even though the Philippine General Hospital offers free health services, the hospital does not have enough funding and facilities to give sufficient treatment for these patients. The Pediatric treatment areas of the Rehabilitation Medicine Department are not only facing these difficulties but also, the limited space of their treatment areas is a major concern.

With this, I came up with a play therapy device that is compact, modular and interdisciplinary that will aid in the maximization of area given the limited space and budget of the department. Pediatric rehabilitation treatments are primarily centered on play therapy since ‘play’ is the most common activity for children. This gives way to a more effective therapy session.

“Design for play, modify for therapy”, QBEE also promotes imaginative play where the possibilities of learning are endless.

therapy device